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Bizarro World

April 3rd, 2021 2 comments

link: BC Ferries sailing forced to turn around due to belligerent anti-masker (

As incredulous as it may seem, we are now more than one year into the “worst ever existential crisis confronting mankind’ following on the heels of the last worst ever existential crisis, which was global warming, which followed the one before that, which was Y2K and the one before that, which was AIDS, etc etc etc.   For brevity, we’ll label this simply as the WEECCM. The insane reactions by politicians to the disaster du jour continues to metastasize like an aggressive cancer.  The Venn diagrams of the populations shivering in catatonic fear by the various existential dangers is virtually a complete circle.

If you think about it, the very fact that politicians are placed in positions of influence over serious matters concerning threats to mankind is comical were it not so tragic.  Consider how they come to power.  Invariably they offer a figurative chicken in every pot though for the most part, they’ve only ever taken from the communal pot.  But by virtue of their victory in managed popularity contests attended by smaller and smaller numbers of citizens, all of a sudden, they are somehow experts in making decisions affecting millions of unsuspecting citizens involving issues they couldn’t even spell.

In fact, if anyone’s paying attention, we can clearly see that most of the political actions recently foisted on the public (if not the case generally) are just things they’ve made up as they go along.

Recall that the first we heard of this particular WEECCM, it was all about a wet market in China and bats were the progenitors.  So, for a while, bat-eating Asians were the villains.  Later we learn that there was a facility in Wuhan which performed experiments with viruses, possibly for military purposes.  Following that, the incumbent President Trump closed borders to China which prompted outrage from the Democrats who thought it was fear mongering.

The stage was then set for the smartest man in the world on viruses, Anthony Fauci to say that it was no big deal, that 2 weeks of isolation would be adequate to kill off any spread…and not to wear useless masks.   Of course, we’re over a year into the 2 week isolation period and Fauci has now advocated wearing not only a mask, but multiple masks and likely a full bio-hazard suit in due course.

The next front being pushed on the Covid battle is now vaccines.  There were no vaccines, then a bunch of companies rushed products to market.  Sure, there have been a few unfortunate individuals who’ve suffered side effects…like death, but hey, it’s saving lives.  There are some brands that require two or even three doses of the vax for efficacy. We can make a lot of money at Ladbrooke’s betting on an annual vaccine being pushed eventually.  There may even be a market for suppositories for those squeamish about needles.

But still this won’t ward off this recent WEECCM.  In fact, after taking the vaccine, people still need to mask, to social distance or to continue hiding under their beds.  Variants are multiplying like flies on a cadaver.  In fact, if someone showed no symptoms and had completely negative test results, they are still in danger/dangerous because they may get it.

In the meantime, people have been so cowed by the ongoing fear porn spewed by all media, that many have become the unwitting storm troopers of the insane policies.  In the linked story above, a BC ferry was ‘forced’ to turn back to shore because of a “belligerent” man who refused to wear a mask.  He was belligerent because he wanted to breathe air without a mask.  Imagine a world in which walking around unencumbered by a face diaper is considered belligerent.

Societies have become a bizarro world comprising the features of 3 different films:  Idiocracy, Minority Report and everything Monty Python.  But no one has to watch the films…we’re living them.

Et Tu Francis?

April 22nd, 2019 No comments

Source: Pope Francis Mourns Excess Carbon Emissions Given Off By Notre Dame Fire | The Babylon Bee

It’s a sign of the times we’re living in when reading a story such as this makes you groan in exasperation rather than immediately dismiss it with a big ‘as if’.  In the past few years, you would think that a contest is being held to see which officious, high profile person can provide the stupidest utterance. We’re not talking about random slips of the tongue or the occasional brain hiccup that makes someone say that there are 57 states. We are talking about full blown, twilight zone whoppers which are often completely untethered to logic.

As this is being written, elected government representatives on the left are categorically denying that a crisis of any kind is happening at the US’s southern border with Mexico….even as irrefutable video proof of the invasion is readily available. It’s reminiscent of the classic Monty Python skit in which a customer brings back a parrot to the pet shop because it is clearly dead only to experience the vehement denial of thus by the owner.  There are Presidential candidates who openly welcome illegal aliens into their self proclaimed  sanctuary cities but howl in protest as plans are afoot to actually send them there.  As well, there are Presidential contenders running on the platform of reparations for slavery, even though that condition hasn’t existed in the U.S. for over 150 years.  Oddly, there are those that are pushing for the segregation of students along racial lines on campuses, even though the ancestors of the minority kids fought their entire lives for desegregation.  Also from the twilight zone of course, is Joe Biden running on a platform of ending the rule and domination of old white men, not to mention capitalist success story Bernie Sanders expounding on socialism.

Not that many years ago, The Onion was the only outlet publishing all manner of satirical stories on topical issues. They offer witty articles lampooning the newsmakers of the day.  Now, virtually all of the major news outlets are apparently battling for that same audience and truth is now as  bizarre as fiction. Alexia Cortez has become a franchise unto herself.  Naturally, politicos and entertainers are the ones most often captured embarrassing themselves with slips that expose their vapidity. Who can forget Rep. Hank Johnson’s fear that the island of Guam could tip over because of an influx of US troops? Who can forget Rep. Pelosi exhorting the house to pass a bill so they could find out what was in it? Entertainers are, well, entertainers, so the majority of their bleats are just that….for entertainment.

We observe that the TV news networks are increasingly willing to give voice to those that are only tenuously hanging on to sanity. The reason for this is that the 24 hour news cycle needs edgy stuff to keep people interested in the same boring news stories. Rather than any concern with the veracity of a story, they instead manufacture personalities to create brands and push wild narratives. So it’s entertainment masquerading as news. Nobody watches Rachel Maddow to find out the news. They watch it to find Maddow’s spin on the day’s events as if it were the next installment of Game Of Thrones.

But dear god, not the Pope! We don’t really know if he really uttered the concerns about the fire at Notre Dame worsening global warming as stated in the linked article. But based on the eyebrow raising comments he’s made during his tenure on other sacrosanct Church issues…. it’s possible that he may have! And that’s the point. The Pope isn’t supposed to say stupid things. He’s supposed to be sober and learned, his opinions well researched and his pronouncements measured and to be absorbed with gravity by all. He’s not supposed to be uttering the same things as Miley Cyrus.  It would be like attending a shareholders’ meeting at IBM and the chief financial officer declares that he’s going to convey the last quarter’s financial statements via interpretive dance.

With so much of today’s news coming from outlets that have morphed into entertainment vehicles, the line between hard news and infomercials for the latest social justice cause barely exists. With everyone getting into the Fake News game the average person would be hard pressed to find out what is really happening in his world. Instead, the consumer has a wide variety of versions of reality and he then chooses the one that fits his worldview. We are at that point in history when people have reason to be skeptical of everything.  In the end, we have to hope that people will tire of the circus acts and gravitate to what they observe with their own lyin’ eyes.

update: Pope urges hairdressers to cut gossip