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July 25th, 2020 No comments


In the never ending effort to make life completely safe for its citizens, Canadian governments will soon roll out a series of now policy and law changes that ensures that no citizen is at risk from the time they get out of bed in the mornings to the time they return to bed in the evenings.

The most recent policy in furtherance of this goal is the banning of cell phone usage in cars….by passengers.  As the linked article reveals, the risk of an incident is too great even if it’s the passenger in the car  that is using a mobile phone.  It was bad enough when they disallowed drivers from playing Candy Crush on their phones while driving but now even passengers will be forbidden from checking their Instagram accounts while in the car.  This is all in the cause of public safety because over a decade, the total of all lives saved is projected to be as much as 2.  In the meantime, the $1500 dollar fines will benefit the public tax coffers, so it’s a win/win program.

To be clear, this is only phase one of this new set of laws.  Prohibition of talking, singing and nose picking are in the next phase since all can contribute to distracted driving.   Just as masks have become quasi mandatory today, the new policy will mandate blinders on drivers so they won’t be distracted by images other than what’s in front of them.  Naturally, radios and music players will all be required to be retroactively removed which creates another industry for contractors.  So this is a job creating program; another win/win.

The longer term policy is headed towards having no one drive at all since it’s unrealistic to expect that individuals can focus enough to both drive and breathe.  Mass transportation is the ultimate goal.

Some of the other proposals in the works have to do with the color of clothing.  It will soon be illegal to wear anything dark colored. Dark clothing, if worn at night can render people difficult to see, thus only light colored reflective fabrics can be legally sold in the near future.  As a concession to fashion and formal occasions, the reflective part can be omitted for certain events with the requisite permissions and fees paid. In addition, light colored clothing will make it easier for law enforcement to track criminals from a crime scene, so the public safety aspect is doubled.

Bicycles and skateboards have their own obvious safety issues and thus, they will be made illegal over a period of 2 years.  Running shoes are on the table for discussion as well since they enable people to travel at potentially unsafe speeds. Flip flops may become mandatory, if any footwear will be permitted at all.

As to the aforementioned getting out of bed, there are prototypes being submitted now to Health Canada for mandatory metal supports and guard rails to extend from all beds to prevent anyone from being crushed accidentally.  This arises from the trend of people who have taken to hiding under their beds in order to avoid an imagined pandemic flu or alien invasion.

All of these measures will be formally announced at a news conference at the end of this month by the new ministry created for public safety by the name of the National Action Group for General Safety or NAGGS.  This ministry was formed at the behest of a lobby group, the National Organization of Women Hoping Against Trouble, or NOWHAT.  At the start of the presentation, the minister responsible will give the standard routine advice of putting on sweaters in case it gets cold and to stay hydrated.   Breathing masks and sanitizers will of course be provided.

The Banality Of Racism

July 24th, 2020 No comments


Of all the things you could accuse a person of being in modern times, a racist has somehow taken the top spot.  Not sure how that happened.  If you consider the admonishments of the classic ten commandments of human behavior widely accepted in the western world as being the standard, racism doesn’t make an appearance, even as an addendum.

So in our present day society, being a racist is a charge far more severe than to be labelled a murderer, a thief, a liar, an adulterer, a greedy person, a lazy person or a covetous one. That’s not to say that being racist is less reprehensible, but it just doesn’t rank up there with the classics.  I might add that being a lawyer also merits a place in the list of reprehensibles, but that has yet to make it into popular discourse.

Unlike the classic reprehensible behaviors however, the accusation of racism is quite vague and especially in today’s partisan environment, quite suspect.  An accusation doesn’t require any real evidence and thus anything can be construed as a racist event.  This is quite convenient for accusers since there is no need to produce a body as in a murder accusation or stolen goods as in accusations of theft.  Virtually any act or perceived micro-aggression can be instances of racism as long as the accuser is not white.  Satire merges with reality as every possible human activity can express a racist bent including hard work, saving money, or mowing lawns.

The most recent conscript into this whirlpool of racist activity is sleeping.  The “argument” is that depriving blacks of sleep versus their white counterparts actually shortens the lives of blacks and is therefore systemically oppressive.  If we accept this argument as rational, the logical thing would be to find some ways to even out the sleep imbalances.  Of course in today’s environment, that’s preposterous.  The only way to fix this vile racist activity is through financial reparations.  This balm is like duct tape, it fixes everything.  There’s no social wrong that’s so terrible that a check or cash equivalent can’t fix.

The label of racism is still abhorrent to many and most would push back to deny such accusations.  The question is why.  The accusation has no real bite since it’s been so watered down over the decades.  It’s as if you called someone a jughead.  Meh.  When the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson made racism into a lucrative industry of extortion, they created a template for future generations of effective emulators.  Affirmative action is ironically the most racist policy to result from decades of racism bleats. We have people such as the illiterate babbling Maxine Waters who built an entire lengthy career based on nothing more than leveling charges of racism at anyone who is dumb enough to pay attention. We have political candidates with no useful skills who run solely on the message of racism as if bringing duct tape to fix an imaginary leak.   These opportunists never reveal that, next to African dictators, American blacks are the most prosperous in the world populating the top echelons of business, sports and media.  If that’s evidence of racism, it explains the hordes trying to get into the US illegally vying to get their share of discrimination.

For decades, the struggle was for ‘equality’ and exhortations of humanity above all.  That quaint message has morphed into the message that all whites are naturally racist, everything they do is racist; their society, their institutions, their churches, their food, their sports, their manner of dress, their education, their hair, their music and of course, the aforementioned sleep regimens.  It’s not about equality anymore, it’s about superiority.

Accusations of racism no longer have any basis in validity.  Even for the most bleeding heart liberals, the ever expanding list of ‘racist’ behavior has become Monty Python-esque. There are those who are finally realizing that this is no longer an black/white issue; it’s all about the green.