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War….Who Wins?

July 2nd, 2024 No comments


We frequently hear the word ‘war’ used to describe all manner of campaigns these days.  The war on drugs sure, but the war on obesity, on climate change, on hate? Such are examples of issues that are inflated to the level of war, when they really only rate a level of inconvenience at worst and are commercial enterprises at best.

The true effects of a real war include death, destruction and untold misery heaped upon millions of willing and unwilling participants alike.  In our recent times, most people are fortunate not to have been participants in an all-out world war.  The world is never absent of regional skirmishes of some kind, many of which are never highlighted in today’s corporately run media.

Wars have historically been fought over land, resources and influence, principally of the religious kind.  In our modern world the main reasons to fight wars are largely absent. Resources are negotiated by exchange and trade in world markets.  There is very little reason to mount a campaign of nationalism to fight against some imaginary enemy ‘X’.  The never-ending regional wars in the Middle East are perhaps an outlier, since disagreements there have lasted for hundreds of years and the ideologies involved will never come to agreement.  In reality, the Middle East conflict has always been a proxy war for adherents to either side of an historic cultural divide. As in all wars, endless money ensures that war’s continuance.

In the case of Western nations, there is no imminent threat of Russian hegemony despite the hysterical pronouncements by modern Neo-cons fighting the last war from decades ago.  No American or citizen of a Western nation is suffering because of the actions of a purportedly hostile Russia.  The average citizen dealing with high mortgage payments, spiraling food, energy and living costs cannot blame Russia.  Dealing with rampant inner city crime, lawlessness and social decay has nothing to do with external threats from Russia, or China or North Korea.

All of these issues are in fact consequences of actions or inaction by domestic governments.  If you consider the comment I made earlier about war wreaking death, destruction and misery upon a population, it appears that if there’s any war being propagated, it’s by the very governments whom are charged with protecting their constituency.  Very recently, the soon to be lame duck President of France, Emmanuel Macron threatened that France would enter a civil war if his party lost in their legislative elections.  As if things were going swimmingly now under his leadership.

There are clearly no shortages of resources in the modern world, yet nations are forced to pay the highest prices in history for things that are abundantly available everywhere.   Why should food, fuel, shelter and medical care be so expensive given the technology that exists in production and distribution?

Clearly there is mismanagement, corruption or subterfuge in distributing goods and services to the citizens of nations.  It’s concerning to hear all the sabre rattling about sending troops to far off nations to fight battles that have nothing to do with peoples’ everyday lives.  Some may be aware of recent maneuvers to implement automatic registration for conscription for those between the ages of 18 and 25 in the US.  Why is this necessary or even being considered?

There’s an old saw that posits that all wars are bankers’ wars and upon examination, it gets harder and harder to dispute this.  Before the next unqualified charlatan comes to the fore waving the patriotic flag for war, people had better think long and hard about what’s in it for them.  If there’s a war going on, it’s for the minds of ordinary citizens.

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The End Of Bureaucratic Karenism

July 1st, 2024 3 comments


If you’re noticing that we’re living in a more and more regulated society, it’s not your imagination. The reality is that over our lifetime, virtually every aspect of our lives is governed by some sort of edict or decree which restricts our ability to live as free people.  It’s as if we’ve all come under the auspices of a mega HOA regime with Karens ruling every aspect of our behavior.

Well whaddya know, it’s absolutely not our imagination.  The US Supreme Court just recently issued a landmark ruling that reveals that our lives have in fact been controlled not by freely elected representatives, but by un-elected bureaucrats whom have steadily increased their control over society.

The Court overturned something labelled “The Chevron Deference”. Those who may be interested in the finer details of the decision can read about it in the link above or here.  In very simplistic terms, this doctrine was adopted in 1984 with regard to a specific case involving fines against a private company.  The Supreme Court in that year decided that they could not be expected to know the intricacies of all aspects of an issue and thus would defer to regulatory agencies because they knew best. Thus, these agencies went on to impose all kinds of fines, rules and restrictions in virtually every field of citizen behavior.

So, for the past 40 years, federal agencies have been able to ‘interpret’ laws to mean whatever they want and the courts had to just go with it.

As we know, the regulatory agencies exploded in number as did their arbitrary edicts. As is clear, most of these agencies were bureaucratic creations, not held to account by voters and which survived numerous cycles of elections. We all know these agencies because they are still imposing edicts and mandates to this day.  The most recent glaring example of this was the CDC with their edicts on vaccinations, masking and confinement.

But there are many more numerous agencies that make edicts without any regard for public input or responsibility, some which people never think about.  OSHA and ATF are such agencies, creating rules out of whole cloth that had to be followed…without legal right to do so.  One does not have to be brilliant to draw a link between the edicts created by these agencies with corporations who would benefit from them. This ruling by the Supreme Court will effectively cast light on the validity of so many edicts that citizens have had to comply with over the years and we can possibly see the elimination of many of these edicts….if not some agencies entirely.  We’ll all be better for it as we can roll back the years of arbitrary Karenism by unelected bureaucrats.