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Well If Joe Can Do It….

October 20th, 2020 No comments


At this time, hundreds if not thousands of people are thinking to themselves; well if he can do it, I certainly can! We are referring of course to running for public office; not necessarily for the highest job in the land, but for any political office.  Who knew that not only is the bar set very low, but that there’s barely a chalk line in the sand.

The phenomenon that is Joe Biden has created an epiphany for those out there who have no real life skills and have made nothing but bad decisions in their lives.  For a guy like Joe to aspire to run for public office of any kind, much less the Presidency of the United States, is chutzpah of the highest order.   According to all of the recent revelations about his life’s escapades, he has enough skeletons in his closet to fill a small gym.  This should be ample encouragement for every individual out there with only minor blots on their life record such as a murder conviction or an assault allegation, to overcome their reticence and just run for public office.  It’s like those TV commercials offering you instant loan approval even if you’ve been bankrupt.  Your credit is good!

In fact, from observation, moral rectitude of any kind is actually an impediment to holding successful public office.  The ones that seem to survive the longest at the public trough all have common characteristics.  Many are lawyers, but graduating at the bottom of a class of 3000 from a mail order law program is all that’s needed.  You don’t need to actually practice law, only have it on your CV.  These people often have little tether to reality as their arguments are so preposterous that they’ll deny having made them once confronted.  Their only real skill is to be predictably mendacious on any issue of importance and to be able to take both sides of an issue with a straight face.  John Kerry of course is the poster boy for this trait with his infamous ‘I was for the war before I was against it’ comment.

Joe Biden however, is the new gold standard for political aspirants who never thought their flawed lives would allow them a chance at holding public office.  With a totally straight face, he tells those who will listen, that after 47 years, virtually his entire adult life, spent in the offices of government and having achieved zero results of any kind, that he will now have the solution to all the problems that America faces.  A man who has never run a business or signed a paycheck somehow has the ability to run the planet’s largest and most complex economy but has been keeping it secret for all these years.  A man who has been recorded as being on the wrong side of every current social issue is now taking the other side as their champion.  The most damning recent revelations now show a man who is supposed to be the champion for the American people being caught red handed accepting graft from foreign nations.

In a sane world, any hint of even one of the transgressions attached to him would disqualify him from getting voted dog catcher in any backwater town in the nation.  But in today’s world, the tactic is to wave them off, characterize them as Russian lies and have the media play clean up.  Joe Biden is hardly the only person in public office to hold so many of the characteristics that regular people find reprehensible.  It’s just that’s he’s so damn good at it and he is perfect for a gullible public.


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Joe…Joe…Over here…

September 4th, 2020 No comments


The Democratic candidate running to become the next President of the United States could not have been made up by a work of fiction. Teams of professional writers could not have come up with the comedy gold offered by the extemporaneous utterances of Joe Biden.  Joe Biden is a caricature of himself.

His record of 47 years of public service doesn’t exactly exude a record of thoughtful and effective public service.  As someone pointedly observed, Joe has been on the wrong side of every policy issue he has ever backed.  It doesn’t help that he’s been a Democrat all of these years since that explains away most of his poor legislative worldview.

But now, once again, he’s thrown his figurative hat into the ring to become the leader of the free world.  At this point in the process, people will have had a chance to assess his life’s record of work of 47 years working exclusively in government employment.  Voters can scrutinize his policies and their resulting effect on their lives.  Interestingly enough, there’s enough videotape of his impassioned arguments for any number of issues that he’s championed over the years which will show him decidedly on both sides of those issues. 

And this is why Joe’s not known as much for his intellectual gifts as he is for being likeable.  How can you not like a guy who is for everything and anything?  Recently however, Joe’s had to come out and stand definitively for or against some pretty core issues that affect the lives of Americans. Things such as whether or not they would be okay with being beat up in their streets, accosted in their homes, having their businesses looted and burned; simple stuff.

While it rarely happens, when Biden speaks to the public and takes questions, his appearances draw the crowds who are there only to sadistically witness the latest verbal train wreck.  Every session is like an episode of Jeopardy.  Vegas has an active over/under betting line on how many times he says, ‘hey man’ during a speech.

It’s pretty clear to any observer that Joe’s convictions on any topic are as flimsy as his tortured rhetoric.  You can virtually see his handlers standing just a few feet away ready to squirrel him offstage to be replaced by a sign stating that “we are experiencing technical difficulties”.  This can be explained away of course by his age; but upon looking back on some of his old speeches, it may not be just age.  He may really be that vapid.

So the point of the discussion is this: Pollsters regularly claim that either the incumbent Donald Trump or the contender Joe Biden is leading in their polls.  Those polls always show an ‘undecided’ vote.  We can state categorically that there is no such thing as an undecided vote; especially with all that’s happened in the last 6 months.  Only two possibilities exist.  One is that ‘undecided’ means they told the pollster to piss off, or that two, those responding are genuine morons.

It is impossible for any rational person to have lived through the past 6 months of the nation’s existence and have no opinion on who would make the best leader for the next 4 years.  It’s not exactly Sophie’s choice.

Few people that I know of (in fact none), want to wake up in world where an avowed Marxist and racist organization sets the tone for national policy; where the nation can be shut down for an indefinite time because of some wacko medical wonks; and where the President of the nation needs an English interpreter every time he speaks, even though it’s his only spoken language.

If such a thing as an ‘undecided’ voter actually exists, it’s far better off for everyone if they don’t vote.  These are the idiots who are tortured by chocolate or vanilla at Homer’s. If people are still vacillating over whether Joe is their guy given his 47 year record of incompetence, they should not be allowed to influence the lives of people who are not so otherwise mentally challenged. For these lyin’ dog faced pony soldiers,  it means that Darwinism is at a low ebb.