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We’re All In This Together

February 5th, 2021 No comments

link: Booze and no shoes: Inside the Vancouver ‘makeshift nightclub’ that flouted COVID-19 orders (

How many times have we heard the nauseating line expressed in the blog title? Sure, it usually emanates from the mouths of sanctimonious politicians and we expect that.  The underlying premise of every program that they foist upon the public must have the underlying plank of “it’s for the good of the people”, as if we needed governments to tell us what’s in our best interests, since you know, they govern mental inferiors.   Aided by a compliant media, the message seeps into the psyche of the general public as would the stench of manure from simply standing in a barn.  The genius of sanctimony is that it makes those not in compliance, automatically unvirtuous people.  The other line oft heard is “well if it only saves one life”.  These are the sentiments of idiots.

In effect this program deputizes the masses of morally weak sycophants to rush to prove their worth in the virtuous society. This dynamic is being played out daily now that the “great pandemic of 2020” has moved into the one year anniversary of a voluntary 14 day quarantine.  It’s like the infamous Gilligan’s Island 3 hour tour. Instead of abating, we are now to believe that, not just one, not two, not three but FOUR waves of this deadly malaise is wreaking havoc on all civilized societies.  Notwithstanding the glaring absence of healthy people falling like flies who are not connected to care facilities, people actually are embracing the tyrannical rules foisted on them by their political masters.   It’s bizarrely like the taste of very strong cheese, which is first repulsive and then you become acclimatized to the smell of a cadaver and the taste of mold and begin to like it.  They even coined a name for this phenomenon years ago, Stockholm Syndrome.

Those brave enough to question the preposterous edicts are gaslit to believe that they are irresponsible and anti social. Only now, they are under the beady eyed scrutiny of their fellow citizens if they dare to have opposing views.  Whole populations of Karens have emerged to enforce the dictates of pearl clutchers who were only elected to catch dogs, keep the water clean and the streets safe.  They were not elected to direct people how to assess risk in their daily lives.  As the edicts become more preposterous, the public seemingly has an unlimited capacity to bend to them.  Closing down businesses, losing income, banned contact with family, friends and church….the line keeps moving.  We’ve heard talk of double, triple, or even quadruple masking to ensure ‘safety’.  Let’s not forget anal swabbing, also on the horizon.  Canada has a policy of sequestering visitors in hotel rooms at traveler expense after spending 3 days in a Covid clink.  We’re not even sure who is supposed to be protected.

The scofflaws in the linked article held a party and invited people to it.  Presumably the attendees all knew the risks and they weren’t forced at gunpoint.  They weren’t going to a bubble wrap party. This is reminiscent of the infamous prohibition days when people had to knock on a door with a sliding slit to enter a premise with any booze.  If that seemed preposterous then, it’s worse now.  In Florida, a very popular and busy grocery store was filmed by a medical doctor and he took umbrage with all of the unmasked people assembling within.  In fact, he tweeted “I hope they all die”.  A doctor.

The threshold for personal indignities imposed by the elected braintrust will continue to ratchet up as new rules are made up to adversely affect the lives of normal people. The more Karens that embrace these rules, the more likely that the politicos are emboldened with their reign of terror.  For those skeptical of this, I refer them to the present day Kabuki which is airport security. We see the effects of this brainwashing by observing the airport protocols that were initiated over 20 years ago.  We are still taking off shoes and being felt up at airports though not a single terrorist has tried to run the gates in all that time.  As terrorism threats then are to Covid now, the  real viruses endangering people are compliance and stupidity.


Shut Up and Sing

December 6th, 2020 No comments

link: Weekend chat: Vancouver Canucks anthem singer fired for anti-maskism – Pension Plan Puppets

There’s an old joke about a man who goes on a tour of a restaurant’s kitchen.  He notices two large pots boiling vigorously, one had a lid, the other did not.  Naturally, he asked the chef what was in the pots and why only one of the pots had a lid on it.

The chef explained that the pots were for lobsters, one for American lobsters and the other one for Canadian lobsters.  When he asked why only one pot had a lid, the chef explained that the one with a lid were for American lobsters which would always try to escape.  The Canadian pot didn’t need a lid because any escape attempts were stopped by the other lobsters pulling him back in.

This funny but ironically accurate parable describes very much the world today and it’s not just Canada that’s being skewered.  As the link above describes, the long-time singer of the national anthem at Vancouver Canucks games, Mark Connelly, was summarily dismissed over his participation in an event protesting the oppressive mask and lockdown regime in Vancouver, but which is also standard throughout the knee jerk world.  When the very basic right of free speech is trampled on by your own community, we are indeed boiling in an uncovered pot.

Apparently, the font of all knowledge has been funneled into the hands of a select few in government service and any variance from this body of knowledge shall not be tolerated by those without benefit of such wisdom.  Even worse, the supposed guardians of free and skeptical discourse, namely the public media, are instead propagandists for official government policy. It’s a very brave individual who can stand up and question the edicts imposed on free citizens and then have to endure the public chastising, or in Mr. Donnelly’s case, dismissal from his positon for expressing an opposing opinion.  There are hints of some areas going full Mao with people in government suggesting children should fink on their parents for non-compliance to tyrannical rules.

The world has now moved into the 11th month of a ‘pandemic’ that was supposed to be tamed by a 14 day quarantine period and herd immunity.  Even as mortality statistics do not support the massive damage done to societies and economies, we are asked to prepare for another wave.  I guess the first wave didn’t show up, so maybe the second one will be more obvious.  If that doesn’t materialize, there’s always number 3.  Even worse are the the pleas by regularly paid government workers that ‘we are in this together’ when clearly there are some animals more equal than others.

It’s not as if factual statistics can justify the drastic harm done to the public, because they don’t.  Not a day goes by without the trotting out in somber tones of further ‘cases’, designed to support the ongoing narrative of a rampant disease combining the worst of ebola, smallpox and projectile diarrhea.  The naive public cowers at such horror. What is never disclosed are actual mortality rates.

The CTV news network broadcasted a report that revealed that of the almost 11,000 deaths in Canada attributable to Covid, all but 166 took place in long term care facilities in Ontario and Quebec.  More detailed statistics can be seen here.  So in light of these FACTS, does it make sense to encumber the rest of society with restrictions that do immeasurable harm to the 99% of people who are not at risk?

Well you’d better not ask that question because they’ll pull you back into the boiling water.