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The Experts were wrong….again

August 16th, 2021 1 comment


As this is being written, the tragedy which is US policy in Afghanistan is unfolding on the news.  Over the next few weeks to a year, we’ll likely see more of the dire consequences of the failure, much of it now still unknown.  With as much money, manpower and political and industrial capital that has been focused on that nation for almost 20 years, some very bad actors are going to be exposed.

Here’s another view of it.  The US tried to impose their way on an ancient, proud and stubborn people who refused to back down even in the face of laughable odds. Compared to the armaments and personnel that the Americans had at their disposal, the Taliban may as well have been throwing rocks and spears.  A primitive people with primitive values prevailed over a much better equipped opponent…even if it did take 20 years.  They did the same thing to the Russians. The Taliban take fighting for their culture seriously.

Let’s be clear.  The results were never about weapons.  It was about will and vision. The Taliban, as savage as they are, have it; the Americans do not and their efforts have clearly been mismanaged by inept leadership.  Soldiers can only do so much if strategy and tactics are lacking. The Taliban, through an entire generation, were able to impress their people with a vison of their lives that would not be swayed.  Not even the relentless pounding of superior weaponry could move them.

Compare that to what we observe today inside the US and in fact, most western nations.  The most sacred core value of freedom in all aspects of life has been surrendered by the populace with nary a whimper.  Even a primitive people like the Taliban will fight to the death, for generations, to preserve what they consider to be their rightful way of life.  Here in America, as well as most western nations, that very basic core of existence has been taken away from people by their governments…and it was done without any existential threat…other than fines.

Many will tsk tsk the impending takeover of the Afghan nation by the stone-age savages who will enforce strict rules of behavior and decorum upon those ruled. They will stifle dissent and oppress women and minorities.  The word of the theocracy will be ironclad law.  Life will revert pretty much back to how it was during the good old days of 12 BC. All color will be forbidden from their society.  Never mind the rainbow nonsense we celebrate here, they’ll be lucky to get lighter shades of sepia for their summer collection.

Someone else can explain how this is different from the US experience if you happen to express views not favored by our own version of the Taliban, the American media oligarchy.  Someone else can probably explain why it’s different that people there are forced to unquestioningly comply to edicts issued by a handful of religious zealots, whereas in the US, people only have to comply without question to the edicts of a handful of political zealots.

The Americans depended on ‘experts’ to fight the wars and to do what was necessary to achieve victory in Afghanistan.  They lost.  In fact, upon reflection, the Americans have not prevailed in any military conflict since World War 2.  The haunting memories of the abandoned people in Saigon as the American helicopters left have been revived again with the Afghanistan fiasco.  The experts were wrong…or we listened to the wrong experts.  The reliance of ‘experts’ has created a lazy populace who think that the government knows best.  As we’ve seen from the events of the last year and half during the Covid scam, the experts are failing us again.

People may have to take a page from the Taliban; fight for the core values of life that are important.  Don’t give up that fight.  The odds are good that the experts don’t know what they’re doing and we will prevail in the end. We should not suffer under the ineptitude of the ‘experts’.  So many disasters have befallen societies over history and many recent ones can be traced to the dependence on ‘experts’ to steer events.  Think of national debt defaults and bank collapses, most brought on because their stewardship were in the hands of ‘experts’. Like the military fiascos, eventually the beneficiaries of the Covid mayhem will be exposed.  It will be as ugly as Afghanistan.

Crazy Goes Mainstream

June 7th, 2021 No comments


There’s an old saying that life imitates art…or is it art imitates life?  In any case, that expression needs to be updated to reflect modern sensibilities, so that now, life imitates a mental asylum.

As is the case with art and life, reality has now blurred sufficiently in modern society that the word ‘satire’ has no relevant place in portraying events. Once the domain of comics and pundits, biting satire has been commandeered by notional journalists to such a degree that The Babylon Bee is as much an information source as a national news outlet such as the CBC, shown in the headline above.

The product of ‘news’ organizations has metastasized from being merely laughable to knee slappingly ridiculous.  And yet, they still have an audience.  I equate this to the consumption of alcohol.  After steady overconsumption of hard liquor, it takes more and more of the stuff to have any effect on the user.  As time goes by and consumption levels increase, the quality of the product becomes immaterial. Thus, we equate modern news with moonshine.  They’re both crudely made and if taken in great quantities, can render you blind and dumb.

I don’t know who the audience is for mainstream news anymore, but they have put lots of comics out of work. There appears to be an internal contest among the industry to see who can create the most guffaw inducing stories.

Despite all that we know of news organizations, people still defer to popular ‘news’ outlets as sources of information.  Social scientists such as Stanley Milgram have demonstrated that social pressure will create conformity, thus, though news stories may be preposterous, if a community absorbs a viewpoint, it becomes very difficult for individuals to push back.

A classic experiment by psychologist Solomon Asch done in conjunction with a TV show, Candid Camera, comically demonstrated this phenomenon. A subject enters an elevator where everyone else is facing the back of the cubicle.  Surprisingly (or not) a large number of subjects also decide to face the back of the elevator upon entering.

In this spirit, news stories are free to publish virtually any kind of preposterous headlines in the knowledge that the chances are good that a segment of the public will accept it as fact.  We don’t have to look too far for examples, since the recent Covid hysteria is the elevator ruse writ on a grand scale.

Even worse, it’s not just actions which are being influenced by corrupted media, it is also necessary to shape thought.  In the example headline above, (and not made up) it is not sufficient to avoid relief from discomfort, it is also necessary to feel great shame if unable to resist the urge for relief.  “Well, I’ll feel better, but I won’t like it”.  This is exactly the same mindset pushed by the white guilt narrative pushed by those pushing “Critical Race Theory”.

So now, we have pressures created by the media to conform to a narrative which is patently preposterous but which is widely propagated.  When pushed, no one actually believes a lot of the narrative, but it’s too much trouble to push back.  This reluctance to push back is responsible for the continuing security Kabuki at airports and will likely engender mask wearing far into the future even after Covid falls into the dustbin of the histories of delusion.

The old joke goes that a man was mopping the floor underneath another man who was hanging by his arms from the ceiling rafters in a mental institution because he thought he was a light bulb.  Two orderlies come to take the man down from the rafters and take him to his room.  The man mopping follows them and continues mopping.  The orderlies ask why the man followed them.  The man replies, “the light’s better here”.