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Unmasking The Real Threat

August 4th, 2020 No comments


Some may recall that when there first emerged an inkling that a medical emergency requiring national action began in February of this year, there was initially skepticism among many, especially in the media, about the potential seriousness.  In fact, the usual political and media sources chided the US President for acting in an irresponsible manner by restricting travel from the virus’ source, China, citing the usual claims of racism.

Now, 6 months into the ‘pandemic’, the media are hysterically reporting about Covid as if it was the worst pandemic in history with daily infection counts running like baseball scores on their screens.  Now they are all about restrictions and lockdowns.  Restrictions and prohibitions on people’s lives have become even more severe, not less as you would expect if the danger period was 14 days and the effects of crowd immunization were allowed to work their way through a population.  In fact the restrictions and prohibitions don’t appear to have any end in sight, even as the survival rate by those afflicted with the ailment is over 99%.   The ‘experts’ in the medical community have flip flopped numerous times on the efficacy of a number of balms including the wearing of masks…or not, to face shields and eye protection to full out space suits for the really paranoid.  There is on going talk about a second wave.  Why not a third?

And yet there is ample evidence that an effective treatment for Covid already exists.  Many in the practicing medical community  insist that hydroxychloroquine, an effective and inexpensive drug used to treat malaria, has a stellar record of treatment and preventative properties to address Covid.

Despite the earnest entreaties of numerous outspoken physicians, their views have been marginalized and purposefully deleted from public view.  Apparently, only a vaccine will suffice as the ultimate fix.  Never mind that there has never been a vaccine to fix any flu, or that any such vaccine may be way off into the future given the standard pharma protocols.  Thus, a large community of practicing doctors is overruled by a bureaucrat who has not treated a patient in 40 years and effectively places the world on hold with his inconsistent utterances.

Even as numerous nations such as Sweden and Finland have elected to go with saner policies for their societies with no appreciably higher mortality statistics, in North America, the climate of fear continues to be propagated by politicians and the media.  People who advocate hiding under beds are hailed as heroes rather than the destroyers of society they really are.

If we itemize the draconian measures that have been imposed upon the people to save them, we arrive at a list which is in fact quite the opposite of saving the people.

No going to work

No going to school

No going to church

No parties and concerts

No sports events

No going to weddings

No funerals (unless political)

No going to restaurants

Close businesses

Mandatory masks

No travelling (unless political)

No going to the beach

No gathering in large groups (unless rioting)

14 day quarantine for travelers (unless attending political funeral)

It’s hard to believe that after 6 months of this bumbling and destructive narrative that people still believe that their best interests are being looked after by their political appointees.  This is gaslighting on an epic scale. The list above looks like a roster of rules for a communist gulag. Let’s not forget that the majority of people who get voted into office that make these rules are bureaucrats of the worst kind, having done nothing else in their lives but run for office.  Even worse, many of those are lawyers whose worldviews are shaped only by issues of liability.

The misguided policies that most politicos are pushing today will have long term adverse impact upon their constituents. The only good thing that can come of this on-going man made tragedy is that the vacant minds that pretended to set constructive public policy will be outed as the vacuous demagogues that they are.  The real threat to society’s health is allowing such morons to control the lives of gullible people.  Toss them all out…and their little masks too.


The New Snoop Culture

May 5th, 2020 1 comment


How quickly the tone of the response to the Covid outbreak turned from “we’re all in this together” to now being an atmosphere more resembling “Lord Of The Flies”.

The narrative has been successfully implanted in the subjects, er the civilians, that only by following the illogical rules decreed by zealous civil figures would society survive the biblical plague of our time. This despite empirical evidence that now clearly shows that not only is the infection readily treatable, but that the original apocalyptic scenarios were no better than internet Nostradamus memes.

Instead of uniting the population, the crisis has served to reveal even more of the deep divisions afflicting society.  The political divide of course, because today, everything is political, even the weather.  The rich/poor divide as well, but this time with a bit of a twist.  This time, we have the people with comfortable income and pension guarantees pitted against those that need employment income to survive.

The evidence is pretty clear now that the on-going economic collapse caused by ill conceived shutdown policies is many, many times worse than any infection that they were intended to contain.  Despite the economic nuclear winter that has devastated lives and businesses globally, there are still those ‘medical’ alarmists predicting the next wave of imminent disaster.  Sounds a bit like rising tides and melting glaciers to me.  All we need is a 16 year old schoolgirl wagging fingers at us imploring, “how dare you go outside!”

The delusion has spread naturally to the strong of virtue but weak of mind so that, like communist countries, people are encouraged to tattle on their neighbors who have the nerve to not cower under their beds and instead try to work to pay bills, buy food and just plain survive.  How dare they endanger the public by trying to survive!  This outrageous behavior is now the height of social shaming.  Celebrities naturally demonstrate their solidarity to the cause by staying quarantined in their walled compounds.  Songs are sung, money is raised, yada yada yada. Some very thoughtful ones even arranged their yachts to spell out, “stay at home”.

This crisis has exposed the contingent of political leaders who are drunk with their imagined powers and are quite happy to wield the thinly gloved fist of tyranny against a surprisingly compliant public.  Eventually (hopefully), these Kim Jong Un wannabes will be tossed out and it’s too bad they likely won’t get the Mussolini treatment, but who knows.  The real problem is that even if the politicians get turfed,  those Gladys Kravitz wannabes will still be your neighbors.