About As IF Times

We are bombarded by news and information daily.  Rarely is this information presented in an objective way.  Typically, there is a subtle perspective that is presented and if you just accept the story without reflection, you will miss this bias.  Even worse, you will accept the version of the news to be fact.   Often, the story is so outrageously tilted and absurd that I have to exclaim, As IF! and point out the fanciful version of events as presented.  Unfortunately, you wind up getting MY fanciful version of events.  But at least I admit it.

Update:  Since I first began writing about media spin on news stories, the state of reportage has gotten worse.  In fact, subtlety is no longer a pretense;  stories are presented with such preposterously blatant false narratives that it appears as if there’s a contest among the media to be the most bizarre.  With the ascension of Trump, the term ‘Fake News’ is now part of the public lexicon and there is much more awareness of just how pervasive it is.  I just wished I had coined that phrase.

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