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Nothing New Under The Sun

February 28th, 2022 No comments


There’s an old saying that “there’s nothing new under the sun”.  For those interested, that line is taken from a passage of the Bible, under Ecclesiastes (1:4-11 for those researching)  In the passage, the reference was more about the consistency and predictability of life and of people.

The human experience can be viewed the same way of course and history has shown that basic elements of human nature always manifest themselves in almost predictable fashion.

As far back as Aristotle’s time, the reality of some people desiring to control other people has been a common trait among all societies.  In fact, he accurately describes the method by which tyranny takes over a society.

“Their first end and aim is to break the spirit of their subjects. They know that a poor-spirited man will never plot against anybody.”

“Their second aim is to breed mutual distrust. Tyranny is never overthrown until people can begin to trust one another; and this is the reason why tyrants are always at war with the good. They feel that good men are dangerous to their authority, not only because they think it shame to be governed despotically but also because of their loyalty to themselves and to others and because of their refusal to betray one another or anybody else.”

“The third and last aim of tyrants is to make their subjects incapable of action. Nobody attempts the impossible. Nobody, therefore, will attempt the overthrow of tyranny, when all are incapable of action.”

An essay discussing this is in the link above.

So, we can see that the methods by which tyrannically minded people use to control passive people have all but been prescribed since Aristotle’s time and likely before then.

This is an interesting perspective as we view the happenings of the world in the past two years through the constants of human behaviour. We refer of course to the chain reaction of events spawned over 2 years ago (!!) by a supposedly deadly virus.

Using fear as the big stick, the majority of the world’s societies fell lockstep into protocols which were implemented essentially at the behest of one man.  Truly amazing when you think about it.  An entire planet of 7 billion people had their lives uprooted by the utterances of ONE man. Fear of the unknown was the means by which entire nations were cowed into protocols that, today, are laughably comical.  But in the absence of real data, it was easy for the people who supposedly knew better to create rules out of thin air.

Fast forward to our present day, a full two years after the original alarm about a global catastrophe which would cause death on a scale only seen in video games and NONE of the projections have played out in any way whatsoever. Ironically, the real tragedies show up in the so called remedies to the virus.

What’s even more amazing is how the narrative has morphed seamlessly into protocols which have nothing to do with a generally benign virus.  Even as evidence piles up from nations worldwide that the ‘pandemic’ is over and that measures taken during the threat were proven useless, certain nations, notably the ‘free’ western nations of the US, Canada, France and Germany are doubling down on measures having no link to illnesses.  Odd how the virus is only deadly in wealthy nations.

To cite one example, the Canadian government took the extraordinary ( and illegal) measure of restricting citizens’ bank accounts if they were deemed to be anti-government operatives. This characterization would include a waitress who donated $10 to a freedom rally.

Clearly the agenda has moved from containing a virus to containing and controlling entire populations.  As we now know, the methods being used are timeless… and timelessly effective.

Bully, Beg, or Bribe

December 21st, 2021 No comments

link:  Krispy Kreme – Promotions

Has there ever been a time in history, in any civilization, where the full court press has been applied to pressure the populace as much as we’ve seen with the recent propaganda to promote vaccinations?  The short answer of course is no. Recall that at the outset, a couple of weeks of sequestration and mask wearing would do the trick. To be safe, double masking was even better.  But then the fix moved from masking and distancing to a much more effective fix; vaccinations.  As luck would have it, a number of vaccine makers just happened to be working on a vaccine.

It’s been well over a year into the narrative that only vaccinations can save society from a less than 1% chance of death by flu and the vaccination urgency only gets stronger.  First it was the coercion approach, as in, “it’s not just for yourself, it’s also for your loved ones….like grandma; it’s the unselfish thing to do.”  Luminaries were paid to provide encouragement, because as we all know, if an actor or a ball dribbler says it’s ok, what’s there to worry about?  We even get to see politicians take the vax 3 or 4 times just for good measure.

Then it became two vaccinations.  Then a third ‘booster’.  We know a fourth one is on the horizon because, you know, variants.  But it was all for the greater good.

Then it was more invasive. If people weren’t vaccinated, they would be denied entry to public gatherings, restaurants and perhaps even to consort with family members.

Then it became state policy. If people didn’t get vaxxed, they would be dismissed from their jobs, denied the right to travel and move about, or jailed; effective tactics adopted from the North Korean model of persuasive and effective government.  The naive among the populace (and it turns out there are many more of them than you would expect from an educated society) fell prey to the fears broadcast to them every day on all media platforms a la Tokyo Rose during WW2.

They are even trying to bait people with honey rather than vinegar as the link above shows; Krispy Kreme is offering a donut for a jab. Just imagine if you were offered a donut for a circumcision. Some may recall that a long in the tooth singer once offered a sex act to anyone taking the jab.  In fact, brothels have taken to offering free ‘services’ to customers taking a jab, in essence, a poke for a poke. Given the choice, I suppose the donut is the safer incentive.

So they’ve used the carrot, the stick and the donut to convince people that vaccination is the way to go.  They’re paying you, bribing you, threatening you and cajoling you in every way to take a therapy which has accumulated a record of ill effects many times greater than any ill effects caused by the supposed pandemic.  Whatever happened to herd immunity?

Those paying attention may notice that, according to those who keep records, the vast numbers of the population have taken the vax and it’s only the marginal holdouts left that haven’t.  Yet, almost all of the new cases in hospitals are among those already jabbed. Anyone with a background in science or simple logic will know that one of two things is going on.  One is that the ‘authorities’ really don’t know what they’re talking about.  Or there’s the other option, which is more sinister; they do know what they’re doing…and it’s not about health.