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There’s money in R&D

source:  https://www.foxnews.com/us/oregon-politician-racist-letter-himself

The narrative of institutionalized racism is again at the fore of the news.  Come to think of it, it hasn’t been off the fore of the news in over 50 years.  Once in a while, the new existential crisis of the moment, whether Global Warming, Global Cooling, world hunger, AIDS, Covid etcetera,  pushes racism off from the leading headlines, but racism narratives are always there, like the dependable putter that golfers always rely on to work.

If racism was a brand, it would be right up there with Coke and Pepsi for commercial sustainability.  Like the two beverage brands, there will always be a market for racism, or its close cousin, discrimination.  We’ll refer to this product as R&D, which are very significant products for those able to understand and harness them.  This is not to be confused with the process of R&D, research and development, a legitimate process essential to business enterprises,  Whereas process R&D costs money, product R&D makes money.

Despite what many may vehemently, claim, the product R&D is not quite as common as Coke or Pepsi.  While it may have been widely available at the beginning of the last century, in modern times, the genuine thing is hard to find.  That explains why when someone claims to have found the real article, people get all excited as if it were one of the golden tickets from the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory children’s story.  The real thing is so hard to find that people even feel the need to fabricate it in order to draw attention to themselves.

A year ago, a small time actor named Jussie Smollet claimed that he had found some R&D on the supposed mean streets of Chicago.  Immediately, the bugles sounded and the world converged on Smollett and Chicago to get a glimpse of an actual R&D event. Chests were beaten and righteous speeches written to hail the discovery of a genuine R&D sighting.   Tears from sympathizers flowed like Slurpee refills at 7 Eleven as the world focused on poor Jussie.  Alas, it was just another Loch Ness type sighting as it was revealed that Smollett had hired a couple of guys, black guys at that, from Nigeria to create an R&D.  So in effect, R&D is so rare, Smollett had to import it.

R&D sightings have appeared in the sports world as well.  NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace claimed to have found one at the garage where drivers parked their race cars.  Wallace managed to lever this sighting into a much bigger commercial event than Smollett was able to.   The entire sports world prostrated themselves before him as they rushed to his side in sympathy.  Even as investigations determined that the rope ‘noose’ found in his garage was present in every garage and was a common means of pulling a door closed, Wallace was not willing to apologize for the 5 alarm false narrative.

In another recent case of an R&D sighting, a woman claims to have had  racist notes placed on the windshield of her car; cue the violins.  Like flies to carrion the Texas A&M university rushed to the scene to offer money and resources in support of the finding.  Alas it was just another Ogopogo scare.  Lucy pulls the football away from Charlie Brown yet again.

In Vancouver recently, a rainbow painted street crosswalk  was defaced by, of all things, tire marks…black tire marks, a clear instance of bigoted intolerance and of course, bullying and discrimination (B&D, a sub-brand of R&D).   With apologies to our sensitive readers, we displayed the picture above in its full gruesomeness for all to witness.

In our final example, the linked story above tells of an actual lawmaker who tried to pass off an R&D sighting, only to have to admit that he had made it up.  It’s becoming clear that the real thing is so rare, it may only exist in the demented minds of those who are living in the past.  While there is always money to be made from claims of a real sighting, actual sightings have not occurred since the days of Jackie Robinson.  The underlying point that the politician was presumably trying to fabricate was to show how intolerant society is.  The fact that this ‘lawmaker’ has not been removed from office and placed in a 5 by 5 holding cell demonstrates that society is in fact quite tolerant….probably too tolerant.


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