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The Truth Shall Set You Free…Plus Bond

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link Pastor Terry Jones released from custody after his bond is posted.

There are innumerate church and other religious groups in the U.S. that pursue beliefs that may be questionable to non adherents. Not a lot of people would ordinarily know or care what Pastor Terry Jones does with his flock of parishioners down in Florida.  Adults are free to believe what they want.   In any free society, this is one of the cornerstone elements; people can subscribe to their own versions of truth and reality.  Certainly, there are no shortage of choices for people’s religious beliefs, or of course for the right not to have any.  It’s like the cheese display at Whole Foods where customers have a selection ranging from the benignly mild dairy flavours all the way up to the truly offensive strong ones which approach rotting fish in old socks.

There are no placard waving demonstrators inciting people to eat one cheese over another.  There are no threats of death to those not acknowledging the superiority of their cheese over everyone else’s.   No one is expected to treat any one cheese with any particular reverence.  Some are appealing only to those with narrow, specific tastes while others are more suitable for the masses.  Some spoil and rot when exposed to air, others have more robust longevity.  Naturally, there will be attempts to convince people of the merits of certain types but this stops well short of coercion.  Free samples are given in order to attract customers, but no commitments are necessary.  Eventually, people will consume what they feel most comfortable with.

Why can’t religions be exactly the same?

This Terry Jones character is obviously out to sell his brand of religion and perhaps that’s distasteful.  But what he also does is call bs on the political correctness created by the popular media for a particular faith, namely Islam.  When the media drew a line connecting the violence and deaths in Afghanistan to his burning of the Koran, it became the truth.  Just because they said it was so, the media have credited Jones with single handedly rousing the ire of otherwise peace loving Afghan Muslims to a frothing fervor, enough to go on a killing rampage.  It’s a real toss up to see which of the three groups involved here is the nuttiest.  Relatively speaking, Jones appears the most sane.  The U.S. has seen episodes of flag burning, cross burning, record burning, book burnings, effigy burnings and even bra burnings, but until Jones came along, no one could cause massive murders on the other side of the world by simply burning the pages of a  Koran.   Who would have thought a Pastor from an obscure town of 23 in Florida could be so influential?

A guy like Jones who has that kind of influence should be harnessed for commercial gain.  Get him to push Coke over Pepsi, GM over Ford, Apple vs PC, or margarine versus butter.  To lock  him up and demonize him?  Forgive them, they know not what they do.  The global warming idiots had better hope Jones doesn’t take umbrage with their cause.

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