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Masks And Dr Seuss

link: LISTEN: Judge Rips Kids Away From Moms Who Get Caught Not Wearing Masks (infowars.com)

You’d think that with all the data now available, the mask charade would die a deserved death and its most vocal adherents begin to slink away, ashamed to have been associated with their implementation…but like betting on the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl, you’d be wrong.  As the linked article above shows, the oppression continues even as more and more states are abandoning the mask edicts.  These intransigent bureaucrats are like Japanese soldiers hiding in the jungle long after the war was over.

In deference to these wayward bureaucrats, here is an ode to them ( with apologies to Dr Seuss)

A mask they ask
So mask we must
It matters not
If we go bust
They never tell us
Who they save
It only matters
That we be slaves
For saving lives
It’s plain to see
Is how it looks
Not how it be
They try to tell us
What to do
To stifle voices
Me and you
Soon the clerks
Will lose their clout
We will have
To push them out
All the people
Are not dumb
Let’s rid the people
Of this scum

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