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2020 Becomes 1984

source: https://ca.finance.yahoo.com/news/ezekiel-emanuel-on-finding-vaccine-for-coronavirus-130651498.html

If you didn’t know this man’s background and history, you may at least be inclined to regard his opinions seriously; after all, he is a doctor.  When you find out that Dr. Emanuel was the architect of the spectacularly ill conceived  Obamacare program, then all credibility disappears like a case lot of toilet paper at Costco.

He may actually believe he is acting in support of his hippocratic oath, but the narrowness of his vision and his past support of an impossibly unworkable health plan disqualifies him from ever having a voice in the field of public health care policy.  

He is in the camp of the doomsday set believing that while a vaccine to treat Covid 19 is still at least a year or so away, it’s possible that the US economy should be on full lockdown for 18 months to make sure the virus has genuinely been eradicated.   That he’s even proposing this as a course of action means that he himself may be in need of medical care, probably psychiatric help.  Unfortunately, he is not alone.  It’s now clear that there are numerous heretofore unimpeachable institutions including the WHO and the CDC, that have been wildly wrong in their assessment of the Covid 19 outbreak.  

The sinister consequence of this hysterical panic is not the unfortunate deaths from the outbreak, it’s more so in the tragedies that have been foisted upon an helpless and compliant public.  People can wear masks, they can wear gloves,  they can even wear space suits and they can certainly self sequester as a means of self preservation.  These are all things free people can do to mitigate their exposure.  

But what they can’t do is mitigate circumstances imposed upon them by over reaching government actions in shutting down all economic and social activity. We can’t even know all of the negative consequences of such actions, but I’m certain we’ll see them very shortly.   Suddenly, people are no longer free citizens, instead begging at the favor of the state for some of the most elementary aspects of human activity.  

There have emerged numerous stories of over zealous Barney Fife police action in stopping the activities of people according to the strict letter of newly made up hysterical edicts.  An Orwellian world has appeared overnight as people are scrutinized for not observing enough “social distancing”.  In one case, a man was ticketed for paddleboarding…by himself…in the ocean!  A woman was caught going for a drive….alone in her car; a father handcuffed for playing with his daughter; Overnight, the criminal population explodes!  People are encouraged to snitch on their neighbors for not adhering closely to the new edicts. In France, they’ve banned outdoor exercising!  These are not $25 dollar jaywalking tickets, these are $1000 fines with possible jail time!  By comparison, in some states you’d be fined less for burning down your neighbor’s house. 

The ceding of personal liberties is the true dark consequence of the panic and hysteria that has made most governments into authoritarian regimes.  You can just hear the slightly German accented gatekeeper asking for “your papers please” as you enter a public park.  Taking away civil freedoms is not just a slippery slope, it’s a Six Flags parks amusement ride once every aspect of people’s activities are scrutinized and restricted. 

People can be cajoled in the short term to stay in line for “the public good”, but I suspect only for so long.   I can’t imagine that people will continue so stand six feet apart,  not eat out at restaurants, not go to concerts and ball games, not go to church, nor have weddings, bar mitzvahs, stags, celebrations of life, birthday celebrations, nor farmers markets or just plain walks in the park with their dogs.  As a friend wryly observed, not only can you not smoke in bars, now you can’t even drink in one.

And I think that time is coming sooner than later.  Once people figure out that the alarmists have been allowed too much control over their lives, common sense will prevail and people will adjust and move life back to some kind of normal.  To deny the ability of people to socialize is as much folly as to worry about changing the weather.   People will deny the dystopian world that the alarmists would have us live.

  1. Charlene
    April 13th, 2020 at 17:50 | #1

    it is becoming quite eerie. But i agree, people will eventually shake to their senses. Hoping for the best in people.