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What’s The Harm In Looking?

February 7th, 2024 No comments


An amusing phenomenon that the majority of men will be familiar with is the situation wherein they are walking down a street next to their wife/girlfriend.

An attractive female approaches them and the man is obligated to avert his eyes, or at the very least, pretend not to notice the oncoming potential tempest.  Wearing mirrored glasses won’t be of any help.

As most men know, to even hint that they find the oncoming female of any interest is to invite an episode of instant rebuke, or in some cases, a prolonged sulk later on the part of the wife/girlfriend.

What most women don’t understand is that the perceived comeliness of the approaching female has very little to do with any attraction on the part of the male.  It could be a bear on bicycle and the novelty of that alone would pique the man’s interest.  Still, the majority of men will experience the hissy fit that will ensue in the aftermath of the encounter.

Amusingly, a similar situation is occurring now as Tucker Carlson makes his way to Moscow to interview the leader of the Red Menace, Vladimir Putin.  The majority of the traditional western media outlets are having a hissy fit that would make the Rousey/Carmouche UFC fight look like a game of slap slap.

Accustomed to being the guardians of what the masses hear and dictating to them what to think, it’s now considered the highest affront that Tucker dares to intrude on their sacred dominion.  Reactions have ranged from horrified to outright maliciousness with some even proposing that Tucker be sanctioned or even prevented from coming back into the US because of his treasonous actions. If it’s one thing we know the media is good at, it’s hyperbole.

There is likely much fear and angst in the general media ranks; and which is shared by the political cabal that has for decades been successful in providing the accepted narrative of the day; in this case, the characterization of Vladimir Putin.  Why wouldn’t any rational person be willing to assess the facts for themselves via direct information rather than through the filter of approved channels?  The public has for the longest time been treated like children on topics of all kinds.  How do we know it’s so? Because we told you so. Eerily, the courts system seems to be moving that way.

It’s not as if there’s no precedence for interviews with all sorts of world figures. Celebrated ‘journalists’ in the past such as Barbara Walters, Mike Wallace and others have carried sessions with the entire range of political leaders from despots to allies and these interviews were considered journalism and newsworthy.  Was Dan Rather considered treasonous for his Saddam Hussein piece?  Was Barbara Walters’ interview of Fidel Castro a despicable career event?

In the ‘free’ west, we have an impression of Vladimir Putin solely from the narrative given to us by the mass media and likely encouraged by the political overlords.  Oddly, this is precisely the criticism leveled against the Russian news agency, Pravda and the network, Russian Television.  People who live in glass houses and all that.

The last few years have provided definitive proof that official media narratives here are coordinated and laughably not objective.  As that revelation occurs, it also calls into question much of the other narratives spewed over the decades, including the characterization of which states are allies and which states are enemies.  There’s buzz that our ‘ally’ Ukraine has a target out for Tucker because of his pending interview.  With ‘friends’ like that…..

There’s nothing that would have stopped any of the regular media outlets from gaining an interview with Putin.  They chose not to because it would have pushed against their established narrative of Putin, bad.  We’ve been told that he’s a tyrant who runs the country like his kingdom and who imprisons enemies and rigs elections.  So, in the spirit of real journalism, Tucker goes to find out for himself.  That’s pretty radical in this time of packaged narratives.  Like the passing female in the opening paragraph, we don’t know if it’s any good, but there’s no harm in looking.


Maybe He Was Misquoted

July 22nd, 2010 No comments

link Proof of the Liberal Medias Double Standard – Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld –

Looking at the top headlines in Google News today, we see:

Some timely articles; some on going stories and of course the usual pop fluff.  What you don’t see is the story that should be at the top of every news list.  According to Tucker Carlson, there is smoking gun evidence that there  have been conspirational discussions among many in the left leaning media on how to silence Fox News.  Again, for those who have lives and don’t pay attention to these things, the viewership of the formerly dominant network news as well as readership of once venerable papers such as the NY Times has gone into freefall.  The Fox news organization on the other hand, has surged past all networks in their viewership and ratings.
If you were running a business and the competition was eating your lunch, wouldn’t you try to at least figure out what they were doing rather than digging deeper into your own failed business model?  In this case, the failed business model that the ‘mainstream’ media is pushing is bias and distortion.  It’s one thing to have foamy mouthed commentators like Oberman, Matthews and Maddow express ludicrous opinions because in fairness, you have equally passionate people on the right, though perhaps not so crazed in delivery.
It’s quite another to have ‘serious ‘ news people like Couric, Lauer, etc pretend to report news stories with the predictible and laughable spin in the guise of informing the American public.  Unless you happen to be a regular observer of the news, you would not realize that what is fed to you was not news, it was filtered opinion.  Now comes evidence from Carlson that in fact there was a complicit effort to stifle the reporting of Fox News because they did not conform to the progressive agenda that the rest of the media did.
I can’t speak for most people, but if I hear a news story about a child being struck by a car at an intersection, I don’t need to hear that the accident was really caused by George Bush cutting funding to the school lunch program, therefore causing the child to move slower than he normally would have if he had access to a hot lunch.  Do people really believe that George didn’t respond to Katrina’s wake quickly enough and therefore the city flooded?  Or that he was racist in doing so since the majority of residents are black? Maybe he’s not a fan of jazz.  If this same reporting mentality were applied to sports reporting, then the main story in golf over the past year would be that white golfers have been conspiring to keep Tiger Woods from winning any tournaments.  
As is now the case, people are finding that there’s no point reading or listening the mainstream media.  It’s ironic and comical that the once disparged National Enquirer has broken the most dramatic news stories over the past few years, including revelations on John Edwards and now Al, ‘the poodle’ Gore, stories that news media are supposed to break.  Let’s not forget Acorn.  That story was broken by a couple of kids. 
That’s not to say that ABC, NBC, CBS and PBS should stop what they’re doing.  They can do what they want as long as the public doesn’t have to pay for it.  Just don’t call it news.