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The Tyranny Of Low Expectations

October 23rd, 2021 No comments

link: Michigan Coach Apologizes After Letting High School Soccer Player Score 16 Goals (

It’s frightening how quickly the sentiment of a nation can change within only a few generations. The perception of America as being the frontier of equality, of freedom and the best place on earth for those with ambition and verve is famously immortalized in literature, in song and in popular culture.  Oddly, that perception is likely to be held more so by non-Americans these days than by its own inhabitants.

The guiding principle of what it is to be an American has been undercut by a new sentiment of entitlement and ‘fairness’.  Ironically, in true American fashion, an entire industry has burst on to the scene like mushrooms after a rain to take advantage of Americans’ seemingly insatiable appetite for the moaning and self-righteous navel gazing that has consumed the nation.  There are consultants readily available to come to your school or business to tell you (at great expense) how awful you are, how awful you have been and how awful you likely will be.  This yen for self flagellation is at an industrial level of application. It evokes images of people paying for the S&M experience on a grotesque scale.  It’s shocking that leather boots and whip sales aren’t skyrocketing.  The only solution includes policies of contrition towards those aggrieved or disadvantaged but which most importantly includes lots of money transferred to the unfortunate.

The new politically correct zeitgeist has trickled down to affect all aspects of culture, like a pervasive, nasty virus (a real one, not the current popular one imagined by the hysterical mob).  We now observe this everywhere as the aspiration for “fairness” in all things supersedes any yearning for excellence.  We could just label it for what it actually is and that is, the mania for mediocrity.  The link above describes how a school was tsk-tsk’d for allowing their soccer team to crush their opposition in a lopsided contest.

Actually, it was because of the talent of only one particular player, who scored 16 of the 17 goals posted by halftime.  At that point they decided to call the game.  The losing team has a history of ‘non-winning’ as we’ll call it and many took umbrage at yet another humiliating loss.  In an earlier time, it may have behooved the losing school to try something a bit different rather than continue on their path of mediocrity.  In another time, some scouts from the Pro leagues may have been sent out to look at the talented kid scoring all the goals. The lesson is that gifted people must sublimate their abilities in deference to the less gifted.  Imagine how that would have work if a bear appeared and you were only allowed to run as quickly as your slowest buddy.  It’s reverse Darwinism.  One can imagine an entire industry created to make sports clothing with “we’re not bad” as the slogan.

This is but an example of the dumbing down of the expectations of everyone and is therefore the surest way towards a two sided society; one side which contains those that encourage and accepts mediocrity while the other, much smaller side consists of capable and bright people who will take advantage of those on the other side.  In other words, masters versus subjects.  Meanwhile we are allowing the least qualified amongst us to drive the agenda!  And the name Brandon doesn’t even come up.

While it may be true that in the early years of America, the opportunities were much bigger because populations were smaller and horizons broader, it is also true that formalized restrictions to ideas were largely absent. This is why the industrial juggernaut grew in America and not in Europe. But then, along with the great ideas and achievements by ordinary people who were allowed to dream big, came the bureaucrats and busybodies who began to pile on rules and policies to make things difficult.  At first, they were marginal, but over the years, aided by ravenous governments, the bureaucrats began to dominate life rather than only pester at the perimeter.

We’ve now seemingly reached the point that excellence is no longer even an acceptable aspiration. It’s difficult to find a more poignant illustration of this than to observe the now almost 2 years of Covid hysteria.  Despite ample data to show that the malaise could be addressed in an intelligent manner, the default position is to treat the population like low IQ subjects in the most inefficient way possible.  Somehow the dummies have taken control.

In an article by Sharyl Atkinson, she reveals how the Amish community has dealt with the ‘crisis’ experienced by the world outside of their community.  Surprisingly (to some), they’ve handled it very well and without all of the associated hysteria that has consumed the greater population.

Well this can’t be right.  It’s the equivalent of scoring 17 goals on the opponent.  It won’t be long before some bureaucrat decides to vaccinate them all….for their safety and so everyone doesn’t look bad.

No Nose Picking Either

March 31st, 2016 No comments

Source: Advocates support a ban on all hands-free devices behind the wheel – NEWS 1130

Who are these advocates anyway?   The proposed ratcheting up of restrictions for drivers supposedly addresses a safety issue by, what else; more laws, more fines and more restrictions on people just going about their daily business.  We knew this wouldn’t end at just stop signs.

In fact this extra heaping helping of regulations may never have the desired effect.  The idea is to remove all distractions from drivers so that they can concentrate solely on driving.  This is idiocy and naivete institutionalized. People are as likely to stop talking on phones in cars as they are to do only 50 in a 50 zone. The never ending creep of do-gooders and finger waggers is like the spreading of an infectious virus.  It is indiscriminate and adversely affects innocent people.  And there is no vaccine in sight.  There is an organized  movement of technology philistines determined to roll back advances in technology and who won’t be happy until bicycles and red flyer wagons are the preferred modes of travel.  As soon as someone finds some favorable statistics, we can expect restrictions on travelling while dark.  How did the Amish become so militant?

Throughout the long evolution of man, he has been able to adapt to whatever environmental challenges have been placed upon him.  It seems highly improbable that he can’t surmount the challenge of talking or listening to music while holding on to a steering wheel.  There are bodily functions that work automatically without conscious thought, such as breathing air or passing gas.  We can do these things without conscious effort, allowing us to mentally focus on other things simultaneously.  Let’s draw the line at performing dental procedures, putting on contact lenses or juggling cats, but we suspect that most normal people are capable of talking and perhaps even chewing gum while driving.

There’s no argument that typing homework on a phone while driving to school would be ill advised, dangerous and would most certainly qualify for a Darwin award.  Unfortunately there are idiot quotients in every society.  Anyone causing an incident while being irresponsible deserves whatever consequence is due to them. But there should really be an awareness push on non drivers.  I refer to the general pedestrian and bicycling population that move about without proper regard to their own safety and whom are often the victims of distracted drivers.  This contingent of people have been brainwashed/deluded to believe that since the ‘law’ gives them a notional right of way,  they are impervious to harm by vehicles.  We see this all the time, pedestrians and cyclists who put themselves in harm’s way on the streets as if there’s a magic bubble which protects them from the dangers of vehicles.  What’s worse, is that these days, they are texting while walking or while riding making them oblivious to their surroundings.

Logically, if flesh and bone steps into possible harm’s way in front of a parade of two ton metal vehicles moving at any speed, it should be with a healthy bit of caution.  A roadway is not a dog park.  There will always be idiots at the wheel at any given time.  The principle of self preservation should rule people’s actions, not some fanciful notion of right of way.  As it stands now, complacency trumps the very basic instinct of survival for people and this has given rise to careless pedestrians and cyclists alike.  This carelessness needlessly makes them all victims.  It’s as if people don’t expect to get eaten by a wolf just because they’re wearing an ‘I am a vegetarian t-shirt’.

More laws on what we can do in cars leads to more enforcement officers, to more legal battles, more work for lawyers, (truly sinister) fine payment mechanisms,  paperwork, more use of paper and eventually this daisy chain of consequences leads to deforestation, global warming, yada yada yada.  Why would we be for global warming?

Update:  I didn’t make this up: nose pick