Delusion And Destruction

January 20th, 2023 No comments

If you were an alien who just showed up on this planet and took note of the activity among all regions of the globe, you would make some very strange observations.

You would notice that a very large part of the population live in rather mean circumstances, that is to say, with barely adequate housing, marginal sanitary systems and simple, perhaps difficult regimes of food acquisition.  For many in the non-affluent parts of the planet, not having a dirt floor means you have achieved a middle class existence.

A smaller part of the world’s people live in relative affluence with access to shelter, education and mobility considered rightful entitlements. As far as food acquisition, it’s more likely to be a Costco run than setting traps in the tall grass. For the sake of discussion, we can characterize the divide as between East and West, but this labelling refers to political rather than to geographic situation.  There are of course many people living on the margins in the affluent West and there is ample wealth in the non-West.

Perhaps it’s more accurate to characterize the divide as that between the affluent and the poor, for certainly, the majority of the planet can be considered ‘poor’ by the simple yardsticks mentioned earlier.  We use East and West only because most of the looney ideas that drive world events these days emanate from the ‘West’. Woke-ism, Gluten-free-ism, LGBT-ism, CRT-ism, Global Warm-ism, Covid-ism, all creations of the enlightened West.

If you were to peruse the narratives from people living in the privileged part of the planet, you would think that the lives of everyone on earth are threatened with dire existential issues from virtually every quarter.  This is not hyperbole at all.  Just watch TV news for one day and you will conclude that the people for whom the struggles of daily existence are non-issues appear to be constantly on the edge of extinction…at least in their minds. There is a disaster ready to befall mankind every hour, on the hour.  Of course, some of these imminent threats can take decades to happen, if and when they do.  We’re waiting for the asteroid crashing into Earth scare to rear its head.

The astute alien would notice that the high priests of doom are always from the affluent segment of the planet and, despite their doom and gloom messages, live rather well and in direct contrast to the messages they spew.  People buying beachfront properties while warning of sea level rises may be a dead give-away. Someone pays for this and you guessed it, it’s the people who don’t have as much as the high priests and who in fact contribute to their wealth.  The most conspicuous of these hypocritical charlatans are such as Al Gore and John Kerry who have been flying around on jets for years telling the poor people to pay more taxes to save the planet while their own circumstances improve exponentially.  No one seems to notice that the solution to almost all problems is through paying more taxes and fees.

If there’s one person that personifies the mentality of the West, it would be Taylor Swift.  This singer has made her fame and fortune bleating about how bad her experiences with boys have been but meanwhile continuing to produce songs about ‘toxic’ relationships and crying all the way to the bank.  It’s all about them. Many of those who live in affluent nations are hopelessly naïve or just plain narcissistic.  Their sheltered lives have no resonance at all to the vast majority of people on the planet. No one would even care if not for the fact that their delusions influence social policies which makes life miserable for everyone else.  As if using paper straws and bicycles will be of any benefit to the people living in Mogadishu.

Nothing succeeds like success and thus imitators have popped up in other facets of people’s lives as well.  The pharma industry have been carving out their niche now, selling the fear of illness and death to the masses.  We’ve been witness to the terrible destruction this industry can wreak over the past 2 years.  Even while the majority of people on the planet are struggling to even marginally improve their lives, those fortunate ones above them on the ladder of life will find ways to prevent their climb.  Restrictions and prohibitions and drugs for all….you know, to save mankind.

In the entitled nations, there is preposterous discourse about which bathrooms to use, whereas in much of the world, having an outhouse that’s shared by less than 10 people is a luxury.  In the wealthy, educated parts of the world, they have to wrestle with a plethora of new genders that are suddenly available.  Yep, mysteriously, in the rich nations, affluence has produced a bounty of new gender categories while the rest of the world lives with a measly 2.  Wouldn’t you know, the rich nations get more choice again! Funny that through the millennia, with mankind managing to get along with only 2 genders, the appearance of new ones just ballooned in the last 5 years!  What are the odds?

Back to our mythical alien, he (not them, their) would notice that the population in the poorer parts of the planet are striving to improve their life conditions for themselves and their families.  Yet the affluent parts of the globe seemingly pursue every avenue possible to destroy the societies and institutions that they’ve successfully built, pushing their societies headlong into self-destruction. The poor are building and the rich are destroying.  As the famous alien Mr. Spock would say, ‘fascinating…’

Those Pesky Non Vaxxers

December 17th, 2022 No comments


There is an oft quoted statement by of all people, the infamous Karl Marx.  He postulated that history repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce. Like many other sage philosophers, he described precisely the human condition based on the predictability of human experience through the ages. Authors such as Ayn Rand and George Orwell have also well depicted the common frailties of people, frailties which transcend time.

Greed, fear, naivety and tribalism are hard wired into our psyche it seems and the really smart (or really diabolical) people of every generation capitalize on these traits during their lifetimes. The vast majority of people however are like flotsam on waves since only a small group of influential people set the big picture agendas and determine the flow of society.

In earlier times, ‘influential’ meant people with military capability, since those who had the swords, made the rules. In fact, that dynamic still exists today. Some of the more primitive cultures still use swords to enforce their worldview on captive citizens, since this continues to work quite well.  Some more advanced societies have upped their game to more sophisticated weapons and thus employ guns and prisons.

In even more civilized societies, such blatant use of force to coerce people into a viewpoint has largely been overtaken by the use of propaganda, with the use of traditional methods of persuasion only obliquely implied. In our modern times, the persuasion tool of choice is the use of interminable lawsuits.

Thus the use of media as the mechanism to control the thoughts and opinions of citizens is the default choice for the majority of the world’s nations.  As a means of propagating fear, weaponized media is vastly more effective than the threat of a few cuts or bruises.  Once you are able to tap into existential fears of a populace, one can enact all kinds of “solutions” to ameliorate, assuage and address their fears.  Studies on mob psychology by such as Zimbardo  and others prove this.

Coincidently, there is always a cost involved since the assuaging fears business can be expensive and thus, somebody always winds up benefitting from these campaigns. Naturally, those who propose the fixes receive consideration for their efforts as well.

In our lifetime, there have been many such industries which have preyed upon the natural fears of people to become permanent money making ventures. I remember a wise professor years ago who made the point that there were four industries that have a permanent monopoly on making money:  War, religion, drugs and insurance.  All of these business have to do with death.   Which is odd, because death is an eventuality for all of us. Nevertheless, if there’s a way to squeeze money from people because of their mortal fears, well there’s no shortage of entities that will do just that, including and especially of course, governments.

A recent entry into the top 4 industries is the Global warming business.  Still very young but voracious in its appetite and reach, this industry continues to bleed the naïve of both money and brain cells.  This industry could not have grown without a very active and persistent on-going media campaign.  The campaign has been brilliant because the lack of measurable statistical evidence of warming has necessitated the re-branding to Climate Change.   So they’re covered, rain or shine, snow or not.

As we all know, the drug industry has a new arrow in their quiver, namely vaccines, thanks to Covid-19.  Like Global warming, most any medical ailment can be attributable to either Covid 19 or the lack of vaccination against Covid-19.  So, they’re covered, sick or not.  Someone pointed out that this is the first time in history that those who weren’t ill were blamed for those being ill.

As the article above shows, the insurance industry could not possibly be left out of this new revenue stream and thus, the notion has been floated that people who are not vaccinated against the modern plague are more likely to be at risk for automobile accidents.  The linked article shows I am not making this up. This is not an isolated article; similar stories can be found from numerous sources worldwide. How they’ve managed to come to this conclusion is amusing….unless over the past 2 years, they’ve  been keeping statistics at accident scenes.  Perhaps there’s a box in the police report which is checked off.  That would have been very prescient on someone’s part years ago to have thought of this.

Or maybe this is just opportunity knocking and the media will back them up because it can be sold.  The pharma companies need to step up their game because treatments for acne, premature baldness, obesity, nail fungus, near-sightedness, bad breath and the misery of psoriasis caused by the non-vaccinated has yet to be exploited.  This has indeed become a farce.  It’s only a matter of time before someone links up the correlation of non vaxxers to climate change deniers, the new enemies of the state. As the author Orwell noted, it’s more effective to push a narrative if someone can be identified as a villain or scapegoat and thus, here we are.  The classic techniques still work.

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