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Legal Hazard

link: https://www.espn.com/golf/story/_/id/40162983/scottie-scheffler-detained-police-prior-start-pga-championship

No doubt by now, most have heard about the drama surrounding professional golfer Scottie Scheffler this past weekend.  Even if you aren’t a golf or sports fan, the story is of enormous interest.

Due to confusion about directions given by a police officer during an accident scene near the entrance to the golf course where Scheffler was scheduled to play, a mole hill became an enormous mountain. A situation which could have been resolved with only a minimum application of common sense wound up with Scheffler being handcuffed and hauled off to prison, even having to wear prison orange. For his part, the arresting officer, rumored to be a relative of Barney Fife, was apparently injured after the assault by Scheffler, evidenced by torn trousers. As is widely known, golfers are a violent bunch when impeded from their tee times.  Thankfully, it wasn’t John Daly involved in the altercation since a background check on him would have no doubt yielded a more colorful outcome.  As it is, Daly always looks like a ready made mug shot.

For his part, Scheffler, whose worst crime in his life was probably secretly moving his ball in the rough was now facing possible federal assault charges punishable by years in prison, not just a tournament DQ. As of today, it appears as if saner people have decided to drop all charges against the golfer. Thankfully for Scheffler, there were those in authority that overrode the elevated charges brought on by the arresting officer.

But what if that were not the case? What if the case against Scheffler was allowed to proceed based solely on the testimony of the officer? What if he were forced to stay imprisoned for some duration and then got mixed in with other criminals.  What if he suffered a real shank and not the kind made on course with a golf club? What if he got a gang tattoo with his new moniker Mad Dog Scheffler?

What if during the ensuing proceedings, other aggrieved people from Scheffler’s past came forward with various accusations against him?  Perhaps a competitor revealed that he had marked a wrong score on his card and improperly won a tournament. Perhaps a woman accuses him of fondling her while signing an autograph 15 years ago.  Perhaps someone accuses him of inflating his assets while getting a mortgage. Perhaps his caddie is accused as an accomplice.

He is the number one ranked golfer in the world and it would be tactically smart for other golfers to keep him out of the field for future events. While Scotty is fighting all the new lawsuits, this potential felon would be unable to defend his titles in tournaments.  Naturally the anti-white, male privilege crowd appears, demanding justice.  The legal costs would be crippling.

But it looks like his legal predicament will all go away.  Except for the arresting officer Fife and a few legal Karens, no one thought that Scheffler’s actions merited the horrific process that he had to endure.  Every participant in the procedure played along with the nonsense that played out because of ‘the process’.  The willingness of all the people who followed ‘process’ instead of common sense is telling about the state of the legal and justice system today. It’s as if the vindictive HOA Karens have taken over.

Processes are put in place to take the decision making out of the hands of those unable to make intelligent decisions.  Thus, when something doesn’t go as planned, they blame process and no one is culpable for stupidity.  They were just doing their job, the standard retort of bureaucrats and Karens everywhere.



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