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Tweets To Bleats

April 28th, 2022 No comments


The biggest story of the past week is not the on-going conflict in Ukraine, nor the suspicious election in France, nor the ongoing implosion of the US economy and thankfully, not the pearl clutching moaning about Covid.

Edging out by a nose the trials and misadventures of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard was the news of billionaire Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter.

For years, the Twitter platform had been accused of being a biased environment wherein conservative voices were censored in favor of narratives more in line with woke sensibilities.  This has always been denied at the company, but oddly, now that the buyout will move management into the hands of a presumably more libertarian owner, the bleating cacophony from the outraged twits is what you might hear if you dared remove food from a murder of crows.

Twitter rose from being a public bulletin board on which anyone was free to express their views on any topic; a virtual free speech soapbox.   Since mass media is so tightly controlled by a few players, having an open forum to vent views was clearly something that resonated with the public and the platform grew from just a virtual bathroom wall to become a monstrous commercial juggernaut with enormous reach and worth billions ( 45 at last count).

It was because of the monolithic aspect of mainstream news and media outlets that Twitter achieved such gravity.  However as time went on, the platform took on the role of moderator of views rather than being a conveyor of them.  Increasingly there was less and less effort in hiding the fact that hard core woke people had taken over the platform.  Thus, influential people were banned from the platform when stating things that, while true, did not pass the sniff test of the Twitter gatekeepers.  Oddly, the most despotic people on the planet continued to have voice there, Iranian mullahs for example.  It became high school on steroids where the cool kids allowed you to play….or not.

If we are to believe the deniers, who up until recently controlled the levers at Twitter, that they were not restricting access to undesirable views, then what possible difference would it make to have a new owner on board.  Clearly, the truth and reality will be revealed for all to see.

Obviously, some kind of free speech platform is needed as a counterweight to the overwhelmingly biased and laughable content offered by all other media outlets.

Many other free speech platforms have tried to copy Twitter’s model in the past few years, but most have fallen into the same trap as Twitter by censoring certain voices, so ‘free speech’ was still determined by somebody.  Even the much anticipated Truth Social is hamstrung by not being available on the Android platform.  To my knowledge only Gab has remained free of any restrictions.   It’s worth noting that CNN promoted a product labelled CNN+.  It failed after only 3 weeks in operation.  We’re unclear as to why anyone would think there’s a market for more CNN.  It’s evident that the marketplace wanted voices other than the tiresome drivel offered by mainstream media.

In a time when information is so heavily managed, platforms in which real truths can be shared and consumed are a necessity and should not be controlled by biased elements.   We’ll see what changes will come with Musk’s ownership, but it may be that the tyranny of the woke may be over.  Perhaps this will spur other organizations to see that the market for real news and unbiased reportage is huge….worth at least 45 billion.

History Is So Yesterday

March 21st, 2022 No comments

It seems that people really don’t learn from history.  We’re not even referring to ancient history, ie: from more than 20 years ago, which to many people may count as ancient history.  Anyone who has watched Jay Leno on an episode of “Jay Walking” when he was still the host of the eponymous show ( which is itself ancient history)  will know just how vapid the average person is on knowledge of simple and widely known facts.

In large part, this explains the ease with which narratives become hard wired into a population via a zealous and coercive media.  Add some government money to the mix and you have a nation of zombies collectively jerking knees upon hearing the magic word, like a post hypnotic suggestion from a carnival hypnotist.

That people don’t learn from history is sad, but in most cases, many don’t even know it.  We’ve just come out of (hopefully) two full years of handwringing angst over a medical hysteria issue as overblown as teen acne, but on a much more grotesque scale.  We can never count the lives disrupted and lost, the businesses destroyed, the money spent and the social destruction that resulted from the narrative that was Covid.  The Orson Welle’s radio presentation of War Of The Worlds was recast in modern guise as a pandemic and it played worldwide with infinitely more impact than his fantasy play. At the peak of the hysteria, many malleable people were proud to announce their vaccine status as the new social badge of enlightenment.  Subsequent infection of the Covid flu didn’t diminish the faith in their virtue signaling.  Imagine how much worse it could have been if not for the 3 or 4 shots they received.  Phew.  Yet, they would make fun of people wearing garlic necklaces to ward off vampires.

The new subject of the virtue signaling mob is of course Russia.  On the heels of their invasion of the neighboring country of Ukraine, virtually every media outlet, western nation, corporation and Hollywood wanna be or has been are jumping on the cancel Russia narrative as if they were rushing for the last shrimp at the buffet table. In fact, I’d be willing to bet a year’s worth of shrimp consumption that the majority of these people are at least triple vaxxed and are looking to get to the head of the virtue signal line.  My previous post covered off the large multinational corporations distancing themselves from Russia, but since then, they’ve discovered new ways to ostracize anything Russian.

Russian artists and performers are being canceled from their engagements.  Russian tennis players have to publicly denounce Putin in order to play at Wimbledon.  A US based space fundraiser scrapped the name of Yuri Gagarin, the first man in history to go into space.  A figure of undeniable historic significance, deleted because he had the misfortune to be from the same nation as Putin…when Putin was probably still in short pants.  This is reminiscent of the childish means by which small children avoid bad things; they cover their eyes and hope it goes away.  This virtue signaling today on everything Russia is the same childish thing for the modern generation of immature knee jerkers.  They want to distance themselves in any way possible from anything Russia.  I guess a number of cocktails and at least one salad dressing will have to be re-named.   Perhaps they’ll cancel any and all achievements made by Russian personalities in history. The guy behind Alex Ovechkin just moved up in NHL rankings since Ovechkin may be ixnayed.  He’ll be the victim of re-written history.

Some may recall internment camps for all Japanese citizens during the last World war and the subsequent shame it brought to America in the aftermath.  The chest beating and sanctimonious virtue signaling at the time was supposed to set the barrier against this kind of stupidity ever happening again. Oh wait, that was ancient history.

We know that no one comes to these unfounded and often hysterical conclusions on their own without the enthusiastic prodding of popular media.  Unfortunately they are being led by the same people who marketed the last great disaster. By now, people should have figured out that the news business is about ratings and influence, not about news. Ask most people where either Russia or Ukraine is on a map and they’d be lucky to find the right continent. Even less likely is any real understanding of the dynamics and history of the conflict.

There’s that word again, history. For the benefit of the intellectually malleable, history is not just what happened yesterday.