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Bizarro World

April 3rd, 2021 2 comments

link: BC Ferries sailing forced to turn around due to belligerent anti-masker (

As incredulous as it may seem, we are now more than one year into the “worst ever existential crisis confronting mankind’ following on the heels of the last worst ever existential crisis, which was global warming, which followed the one before that, which was Y2K and the one before that, which was AIDS, etc etc etc.   For brevity, we’ll label this simply as the WEECCM. The insane reactions by politicians to the disaster du jour continues to metastasize like an aggressive cancer.  The Venn diagrams of the populations shivering in catatonic fear by the various existential dangers is virtually a complete circle.

If you think about it, the very fact that politicians are placed in positions of influence over serious matters concerning threats to mankind is comical were it not so tragic.  Consider how they come to power.  Invariably they offer a figurative chicken in every pot though for the most part, they’ve only ever taken from the communal pot.  But by virtue of their victory in managed popularity contests attended by smaller and smaller numbers of citizens, all of a sudden, they are somehow experts in making decisions affecting millions of unsuspecting citizens involving issues they couldn’t even spell.

In fact, if anyone’s paying attention, we can clearly see that most of the political actions recently foisted on the public (if not the case generally) are just things they’ve made up as they go along.

Recall that the first we heard of this particular WEECCM, it was all about a wet market in China and bats were the progenitors.  So, for a while, bat-eating Asians were the villains.  Later we learn that there was a facility in Wuhan which performed experiments with viruses, possibly for military purposes.  Following that, the incumbent President Trump closed borders to China which prompted outrage from the Democrats who thought it was fear mongering.

The stage was then set for the smartest man in the world on viruses, Anthony Fauci to say that it was no big deal, that 2 weeks of isolation would be adequate to kill off any spread…and not to wear useless masks.   Of course, we’re over a year into the 2 week isolation period and Fauci has now advocated wearing not only a mask, but multiple masks and likely a full bio-hazard suit in due course.

The next front being pushed on the Covid battle is now vaccines.  There were no vaccines, then a bunch of companies rushed products to market.  Sure, there have been a few unfortunate individuals who’ve suffered side effects…like death, but hey, it’s saving lives.  There are some brands that require two or even three doses of the vax for efficacy. We can make a lot of money at Ladbrooke’s betting on an annual vaccine being pushed eventually.  There may even be a market for suppositories for those squeamish about needles.

But still this won’t ward off this recent WEECCM.  In fact, after taking the vaccine, people still need to mask, to social distance or to continue hiding under their beds.  Variants are multiplying like flies on a cadaver.  In fact, if someone showed no symptoms and had completely negative test results, they are still in danger/dangerous because they may get it.

In the meantime, people have been so cowed by the ongoing fear porn spewed by all media, that many have become the unwitting storm troopers of the insane policies.  In the linked story above, a BC ferry was ‘forced’ to turn back to shore because of a “belligerent” man who refused to wear a mask.  He was belligerent because he wanted to breathe air without a mask.  Imagine a world in which walking around unencumbered by a face diaper is considered belligerent.

Societies have become a bizarro world comprising the features of 3 different films:  Idiocracy, Minority Report and everything Monty Python.  But no one has to watch the films…we’re living them.

Masks And Dr Seuss

March 4th, 2021 No comments

link: LISTEN: Judge Rips Kids Away From Moms Who Get Caught Not Wearing Masks (

You’d think that with all the data now available, the mask charade would die a deserved death and its most vocal adherents begin to slink away, ashamed to have been associated with their implementation…but like betting on the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl, you’d be wrong.  As the linked article above shows, the oppression continues even as more and more states are abandoning the mask edicts.  These intransigent bureaucrats are like Japanese soldiers hiding in the jungle long after the war was over.

In deference to these wayward bureaucrats, here is an ode to them ( with apologies to Dr Seuss)

A mask they ask
So mask we must
It matters not
If we go bust
They never tell us
Who they save
It only matters
That we be slaves
For saving lives
It’s plain to see
Is how it looks
Not how it be
They try to tell us
What to do
To stifle voices
Me and you
Soon the clerks
Will lose their clout
We will have
To push them out
All the people
Are not dumb
Let’s rid the people
Of this scum