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The Tyranny Of The Few

December 20th, 2019 No comments

Source: Impeachment Divides a Nation, a District and a Dinner Table

Unless you’ve been in a coma, you know that the number one topic foisted upon the public for the past few months has been the faux drama of Presidential impeachment.   Wars, murders, Brexit, China, Russia, Ukraine, the Mexican border: Meh, those can wait.  There’s always lots of that stuff going on.  Even global warming and shrill teenagers have been pushed to the back pages.

Contrary to what many uninformed people may believe, this is not the democratic process in action.  Quite the contrary. A small cabal of people are holding up the progress of the nation because of their discontent with an election held over 3 years ago.  How do we know this? Well if you can take any of the opposition at their word, it’s because they’ve blatantly stated that, in specific words since the last vote was barely finished being counted in 2016.   It’s the exact opposite situation of the previous President who was awarded the Nobel Prize before he even set foot in the office.

The Democrats have hijacked the process of government to hold the country at ransom while they employ arcane legal maneuvers to accomplish their aim of removing a duly elected President from office.  In the years to come, the entire exercise will be known as the Grand Trump Railroad. An objective observer can clearly see that the weaponization of process is employed here since the actual charges and accusations are beyond farcical.  Many have stated that the madness is not just petulance; it’s all about the end goal which is the ‘C’ word….Coup.

It may surprise many but perhaps not, that half of the legal posturing is from lawyers.  This should frighten everyone and brings to light the decrepit state of the legal process in the nation.   That there can be such divergence in views over the most fundamental aspects of the constitution brings into question the validity of many legal practitioners if not the entire legal system.  The perversion of a common sense policy into a guffaw inducing justification for removal is shameful for anyone who considers themselves a rational person, much less a legal practitioner.  It’s reminiscent of the famous legal contortion uttered by a past President when he said, “it depends on the meaning of what the word is, is.”

I think most assume that to attain a law degree, one must be able to understand and embrace basic elementary facets of law. If we observe the antics of the House representatives, you could not possibly come to that conclusion.  Their plaintive arguments are beyond uneducated, they are absurd. It’s as if they were trying to convince an audience of naive pre-teens.  In fact, they don’t have to convince anyone, they are essentially pontificating to themselves as if in a modern day star chamber.  This sad episode brings to light the glaring abuses now standard in the legal system.  The  quaint notions of fairness and justice have given way to obfuscation by process.  The Babylon Bee has a story in which a new ‘woke’ sport has been invented in which the goalposts move constantly; such seems to be the case with the process here.

The impeachment charade has become Lord of the Flies with the mental weaklings running the process.  It underscores that legal processes have become the ubiquitous,  obstructive and destructive sand in the machinery of civilized culture. However high the level of cynicism people have always held for the legal profession, this impeachment episode will surely push that firmly into contempt.

If they are allowed to get away with this farcical process, then it makes logical sense to draw up impeachment articles against any future President now for use when needed.  Why wait? Kangaroos have better processes.

The other half of the legal posturing comes from those who are not lawyers but morons who have sadly been placed into office by their equally vapid constituents.  And this is the flaw in the electoral process.  A concentrated community of baboons will logically elect one of their own to office, ensuring that the baboons will have a voice in making laws and policies.  It matters not that many of these could not pass an open book IQ test.  To have to listen to the babbling of these representatives is surely one of the most painful things one has to endure, just above genital waxing and below root canals.

Hundreds of years ago, a painter who labored under the name of Hieronymus Bosch depicted a dark world in which humans were made to suffer for their various sins and shortcomings as he envisioned them.  In that time, it was a common belief that stupidity and deceit could be cured by the removal of a stone from the head of the one suffering the malady. He immortalized this notion with a painting entitled, The Stone Operation.   If only it were that simple.

Mob Rule

February 15th, 2017 No comments

Source: Boycott Culture Forces CEOs to Walk Tightrope in Trump Era – Bloomberg

The absurdity of the world in which we live continues to plumb new depths. The emboldening of groups that insist on creating identity issues for people to side with has created a society of consumers angry about…everything!  At least it seems this way if you observe the news.

Much of this constant angst and anger is supported by a compliant media, ravenous to report the latest outrage, injustice or imagined slight.  A cake that is refused baking is transmogrified into a national debate on human rights.  The mountain out of molehill business is at an all time high.

And of course the recent phenomenon of boycotting businesses because someone decided that their policies were not in line with righteous principles…as determined by whatever group gets the loudest audience.  Recently, the National Football League even warned the state of Texas that their state may be blackballed for future Super Bowl venues because of…their public restroom policies.

The most recent victims of public bullying and corporate spinelessness are the Trumps.  Not only have the always-angry-about-something left mounted a campaign to boycott anything with a Trump label, they actually impede other non activists from buying anything Trump as well.  Corporations are falling like bowling pins as they prostrate themselves at the altar of political righteousness by the leftist mob.  Budweiser, Coca Cola, Walmart and others surely to follow, are so scared of the negative impact of the mob that they scurry to prove themselves worthy of the mob dollars.

It’s not a stretch to believe that one day, businesses will have to show some kind of proof that no one in their organization has ever uttered a slur, worn fur, didn’t recycle, eaten an animal in anger or owns a gun.  It’s hard to know what’s in vogue as far as the righteous cause of the day, but corporations are anxious not be on the wrong side of it. The resemblance to ISIS enforcement squads may be just a coincidence.

The sanctimony and preposterousness of this recent phenomenon is as laughable as wooden contact lenses.  The irony of the inclusive, feminist, non bullying fringe left using militant fascist tactics to impose their views will be looked upon by future historians with great fascination and no doubt, chagrin.  It’s kind of like that whole ‘religion of peace’ thing.

The only positive thing about this mass insanity is that the movement will eventually consume themselves.  There will be divisions and factions from within that will profess to be the most pure and righteous as they stratify their pecking orders.  It will be Lord of The Flies for lefties.

Update: Texas rebuke of NFL